MAHUL is actually the name of the extract of Mahua fruit which is easily available in Purulia region of Bengal which has big contribution towards Bengal’s rich folk culture and music. This liquid is one kind of liquor which has a typical flabour and smell. It generates energy and its enchanting taste beings on a spell of trance and it elevates the mind to a sublime state. Our Bengali Folk song Band or Dal MAHUL has derived this name because our base is in Jhargram. Though we are totally devoted to different types of Bengali folk songs of all over Bengal but we have a special inclination or liking towards folk songs originated from this region of Bengal.

Mahul Lokoganer Dol do research in various folk forms of Bengal. Beside Baul, Tusu, Bhadu, Bhatiyali. Rabindra Nath Tagore occupies a very special place in their heart. Mahul is now working and researching on his works, songs, compositions & paintings and some productions based on their research are ready in this 150th Birth Anniversary of Viswakavi Rabindra Nath Tagore. Mahul is also doing research on rural folk artists and trying to rehabilitate them. They also work in tribal belts so that their traditional ethnic music reach the common people of the World.

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